Byron Bay

Byron Bay

If not for the beaches, go for the food. If not for the food, the shopping. If not for the shopping, the adventures. And if not for the adventures, for the vibes. Byron has something for everyone and for me, it was the closest and easiest trips to do (an hour and a half away from Brisbane). I quickly formed an attachment withe the lighthouse (believe it or not, seeing a lighthouse was always on my list of things to do since I was a kid because FAMOUS FIVE!) and hiking the lighthouse/most easterly point trail became somewhat of a 'must-do' all of the times. 

I think it's so important to travel and adventure with likeminded people so I would like to go back to Byron with either such people or alone (people pictured below are strangers by the way. They were in the way but not in the distracting sense. Kind of created the image for me). I went to Byron on my own once and that was probably the one trip I enjoyed the most in comparison to the rest for which I had company. Just to get this out of the way, I don't enjoy traveling with people who crib and whine about things like the heat, the sand (SAND. You're not fucking Anakin Skywalker) and what the water is going to do to their hair (Y U at the beach tho). I am also not down with just lying on the damn beach nor being told about surfing and snorkeling trips being too expensive (cashmeouside, how bou dat?). I mean, I could list endless things but even this feels like too much information. ANYWAY. When you're on a holiday or a vacay or backpacking or whatever you want to call it, get yourself a likeminded person or screw that shit, and go solo because that's the best. 

Not surprisingly, it was also during this solo trip that I took my favourite pictures of Byron; the Byron that I remember today. 

The question is not what you can do in Byron. It's what can't you do. 

All photos taken with my Pentax 35mm and iPhone (18-19-20-21-24.25.26) / 2013 to 2014. 

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